Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. They come form a variety of backgrounds. Every client situation is unique, which is why we feel so strongly about the importance of building truly bespoke financial plans.

Read some of our testimonials below.

Ian Skinner
Skinner Associates

“Having lived our lives perpetually working hard securing enough money to make ends meet, we found ourselves with a significant surplus of income. We had little idea how to use the surplus funds to our benefit and found this quite daunting.

We were introduced to Lee Westley as a Family Wealth Planner in 2014.

With his help and guidance, we have changed our whole relationship with money, from it being in control of us, to  us being in control of it. Lee has helped us to take a long term view of our financial position and helped us plan for our future and retirement with confidence. In fact, Lee has helped us bring forward our planned retirement date by several years and helped us plan our legacy for our children.”

Tom Baigrie
Ran the multiple award winning financial planning firm Baigrie Davies

“There really can’t be a better testimonial for Beattie Lockton than that both Arthur Davies and me have decided they should look after our affairs. We were financial planners for 30 years together and employed Lee and many others in that role.

That we both, separately and without Lee asking, decided to entrust our families financial future to him and Beattie Lockton, should give you the confidence to do the same. In a financial planner you want skill, experience, intellect, honesty and care. Lee has all those in spades and Beattie Lockton’s charging structure also offers excellent value for money.”

Peter Norris
Virgin Group

“We have been working with Lee some seven years now. We were very fortunate to be introduced at a time when I needed some critical advice about pension planning. Lee handled that perfectly and from that time, we have developed a close working relationship across a range of family financial planning issues. This has been a very positive experience for everyone in the family, including our children as they have become adults and have started managing their own affairs. Beattie Lockton, guided by Lee, represents the best in private wealth management – attuned to the needs of individuals, suitably sceptical about markets, always responsive, and committed to the long-term view.”

Claire and James Smith
Structural Thinking Ltd

“The best thing about working with Lee is that he helps us look at the bigger picture of our finances – he’s helped us think about and articulate our goals for our family, lifestyle and career. And knowing us like he does now, he reminds us of those goals and gently puts us back on track if we get distracted by short term challenges. 

“Because he ‘gets’ the way we work, and why we work that way he’s great at patting us on the back when we’ve had a good year and reminding us that life’s for living, not just for saving. We never expected to find an IFA who told us to go on holiday more often, but we’re glad we did!”

Peter Garratt OBE
Retired Engineer

“My wife and I have been advised by Tom Baigrie and subsequently Baigrie Davies (until their acquisition) for over 35 years. We have always been very satisfied with the advice we have received over this period and especially so since Lee took over our portfolio. He has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our family circumstances and investment objectives and is always courteous, efficient and responsive to our needs.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to continue our professional relationship with Lee now that Beattie Lockton is up and running and we wish him and the company every success over the years ahead.”

Kitty Corrigan
Former Deputy Editor
Country Living, Hearst Magazines UK

“I have the highest regard for both Craig Taggart and Lee Westley, who over many years have given me sound financial advice, both when I was employed at Country Living Magazine in London with a substantial mortgage, and now as a mortgage-free, freelance journalist in Hay-on-Wye.

What was and is different about their advice and support is that they offer solutions in an accessible, plain-English way rather than confusing the client with jargon. They ask you about your lifestyle preferences and suggest options relating to whether to want to invest large sums for the future, or enjoy your money now, in a responsible manner, while they ensure your later years will be financially secure, too. 

Although I am not a high earner, I have always been treated as if I was just as important as a corporate client. I can highly recommend their services in the company they have established.”

Christ Church

“Bespoke financial advice and mortgages that fit!”

Francis and Rosa Coles

“Lee and Craig began working with us five years ago while at their previous firm and throughout, we benefited considerably from their expertise and common sense. Hence when they decided to set up Beattie Lockton, we had little hesitation in following them.
There are many reasons we rate them highly, but three stand out in particular:

  • Personal: their approach is closely tailored to our personal circumstances, which they take great trouble to explore, model and refresh, helping us reach decisions as rationally as possible in a long-term context. They also advise our children, contributing to joined-up family decision-making and giving the younger generation useful insight into financial planning issues.
  • Tax & Inheritance: their advice is closely informed by the tax and inheritance consequences of investment decisions. These are perhaps the areas of greatest importance to overall financial success, but are the most difficult to navigate without expert assistance.
  • Investment: the bedrock of their investment philosophy is the importance of risk appetite and hence of overall asset allocation. Selection of underlying investment vehicles is rigorous and attentive to cost, but is ultimately secondary in importance. This order of priorities is one we share.

Lee and Craig are focused entirely on their clients’ needs, leaving Beattie Lockton free of conflicts that can arise when other agendas compete for attention. Above all, they demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism, probity and efficiency and that is what gives us every confidence that our affairs are in excellent hands.”

Gordon Tillett

“My wife and I have known Lee for a number of years and have always found his advice well researched and specific to our needs. In addition the results of his research are presented in an understandable way so that a non financial person can take an informed decision.

The combination of both Lee & Craig has meant that they have been able to provide a complete personal financial service to the younger generation in the family as well as now embarking on advice for provision for the third generation.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Beattie Lockton as personal financial advisors”

Andy Culpin

“I am delighted with the service that Beattie Lockton offer me and my family: professional, independent and personalised.  Lee and Craig take a real interest in our lives – working to balance the needs of today with those of the future. I am certain that Beattie Lockton have my family’s best interests at heart.”

Susannah Perry

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Craig for a number of years and I can only say good things about him. He was recommended to me by someone whose judgement I trust, and he has lived up to his billing every inch of the way. He is totally on top of his job, calm and extremely personable to deal with, but tenacious and gritty in doing what he has to do to get the best mortgage deal for you and to get it over the line. He can see the big picture, and manages the detail so that you don’t have to.  He is intensely commercial and has evident integrity, a felicitous combination that leaves you confident about trusting him to get on with it. The contrast between Craig and the other mortgage brokers I have dealt with is like night and day.  You want him on your team.”

Donald Joyce
Chief Financial Officer
RES Group

“Craig goes above and beyond the level of service I have received from any other mortgage broker. He has arranged several mortgages for me over the last 10 + years and counselled me through 2 house moved and an extension. I am confident Craig always get me the best deal after carefully listening to my needs. I have a high level of trust in Craig and the team at Beattie Lockton”

Trevor Pickett

“I have no reservation in recommending Lee and Craig at Beattie Lockton.  Their advice is tailored to individuals who are independent and expect a level of customer service.  If you don’t naturally fit into the pigeon holes of large corporate institutions, with their narrow tick boxes and their monotonous questionnaires, the purpose of which to mitigate their responsibility, you would without thought move your business to Beattie Lockton.  Lee has been my financial advisor since he started in the business.  He has never let me down, given wise advice and a long term strategy tailored to my fluid personal requirements.  As does Craig, who has reviewed my property portfolio regularly.  Recently, Craig managed to negotiate a better and more suitable deal with my bank than the bank itself could offer, so another feather in the cap of Beattie Lockton.”

Robert Stell FCCA
Bradbury Stell

“At Bradbury Stell we are often asked by clients whether we can recommend anyone to help with mortgages, investments and pensions. Our first choices are Lee and Craig and we have been recommending them for the past seven years. I would estimate that over 100 of my clients have been referred to Lee and Craig during that period and all of those clients have been extremely happy with the service they have received.”

Louise Shand-Brown

“Thank you both for helping me over the last ten years, to reach the goals of retaining my property and to plan for my retirement.  I’m very grateful.”