What We Do

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We perform two functions:

Financial Planning
Investment Management

Our advice is tailored to your individual circumstances, so our relationships tend to be close, trusting, and longstanding. We’ll devote the necessary amount of time and energy to our relationship with you.

Financial Planning

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the family, wealth management and related matters, made up of six stages.


Successful financial planning starts with your life and ends with your money. The more we understand what matters to you and your loved ones, the better our work and the more we will do for you.

We do this by identifying what it is you wish to achieve in your life. Who are you? What gives your life meaning and purpose? What’s your ideal future? It’s only when we truly know who you are, that we can decide the best approach for you and your family.


With a better understanding of the future you desire, our job is to build a picture of the financial position we are working with. We’ll identify the resources at your disposal both now and in the future, conduct a comprehensive review of your wealth, and decide whether these remain suitable for you.

We’ll also look at attaching a cost to your current life and the future lifestyle you aspire to, as well as the level of risk you are willing to take to get there.


We’ll then put together a detailed analysis of your current position and use lifetime cashflow modelling software, to help you understand your financial future. The software will provide you with a clear visual picture of your current financial position and what your financial future might look like if things stay as they are, and how it might look if action is taken.

At this stage, we’ll help to answer many of life’s questions. What if I retired early? To what extent can we help our children onto the property ladder? What lifestyle can I enjoy and make sure I never run out of money?

Every situation is unique. Some clients come to us and tell us they’re not saving enough, while others learn that they are not spending enough.


At this stage, we will agree the best plan to make sure that your current and future financial resources are devoted to your life’s goals and objectives.

We’ll then put together the most appropriate suite of financial products and tax/investment vehicles to achieve your objectives in the most efficient manner. Whilst we see these products as a vital means to an end, we think it’s important that we have independent, ‘whole of the market’ access. This makes all the difference in the recommendations we provide to you.


Life has many twists and turns so it’s important that we regularly monitor your plan and change course if we need to. We’ll meet with you twice a year to make sure that the plan remains appropriate.

We’ll send you quarterly valuation reports to keep you updated of your financial position, and will let you know immediately if anything needs changing.


Our clients mean much more to us than the money we look after for them. They become part of the Beattie Lockton family – a collection of varied and interesting individuals and families.

During the year, we’ll invite you to various events that we organise for the sole benefit of you and your families.

Investment Management

Our approach to managing money flows from our core beliefs around investment management and portfolio construction. These age-old truths will be as relevant tomorrow, as they are today and as they were yesterday.

We create and maintain portfolios that are goal-driven, as opposed to being driven by a particular economic or market perspective.  In doing so, we focus on factors within our control (your goals) and attach less importance to matters that cannot be controlled (market events).

This belief leads to beautifully bespoke portfolios built around you and your financial plan.

It’s inconceivable to live in the world for any length of time without admitting that the progress of humankind is rapidly increasing. We are therefore persistent advocates of the long-term view, during a multi-decade financial plan and investment strategy, disregarding most short-term noise.

This belief translates into the practice of patience, during times of market volatility and corrections.

Investment markets are unpredictable and volatile. Trying to second-guess the market and by doing so, losing focus on the long-term objectives of the portfolio is a matter or chance, and a potentially costly and dangerous pursuit.

This belief results in portfolios built around asset allocation and the regular discipline of rebalancing.

Portfolio charges are tangible and a substantial drag on long-term return. We seek to keep portfolio costs as low as possible by favouring passive investments, appreciating that most active managers underperform the market.

This belief leads to portfolios with a passive bias and limited active management.

It’s your money after all. We’ll work with you to establish a portfolio that is in accordance with your wishes. If you are an ethical investor, we’ll build a portfolio, taking into account your personal views. If you have a preference for Japanese equity funds, we’ll conduct our research and look to accommodate.

This belief leads to a bespoke Statement of Investment Principles document, issued to each of our clients.